Bactakil 55

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Treats Thrush, White line disease/seedy toe and other bacterial problems on horses hooves.

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Bactakil 55 is one of Osmonds bests selling products and is also one of Total Foot Protections best selling products for dealing with thrush and white line. Bactakil 55 is a very effective bactericide which is 55 times more powerful than Carbolic in the presence of salmonella. Effective against Bacteria, Viruses, Algae, Fungi and their spores.

The bottle contains 500ml.

A unique combination of broad-spectrum biocides. Use to maintain freedom from bacteria, fungi and algae and their associated problems, from the feet to the face.

Effective against microbial spores.

Do not get this on your clothing if you do take it of straight away. Do not inhale, get on your skin, in your eyes or swallow. Make sure you do not use it while it is windy as this could mean that some of the spray could blow back into your face, eyes or mouth.

This is a very chemical heavy product which might not be suitable for every owner. If you need something more natural we would recommend either Swan Anti-Bac or Red Horse Sole Cleanse.


One spray to run off should suffice, repeat at 7 day intervals if necessary. Call a vet is symptoms persist. Do not use in or around the eyes.


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