BFBA (Sussex Branch) & TFP ‘Joint Farrier Conference’

We had an eclectic mix of professionals from the world of farriery including Sam Head DipWCF, Ed Lyall BVetMed CertEM (StudMed) MRCVS, Marc Jerram BSc (Hons) AWCF, Clive Meers-Rainger RSS and our very own David Nicholls AWCF.

They covered a wide range of subject from bar shoe fitting (Sam Head) to Veterinary Diagnosis and Treatments for Hind Limb Lameness (Ed Lyall).

Mustad Event

TFP were delighted to have Grant Moon from Mustad put on a event for us. This event helped raise money for the BFBA and The Farriers Foundation

Grant was doing his talk on ‘Shoeing in the normal zone’. As well as talking about controlling hoof distortions, why we us additions to shoes and some shoe making demonstrations.

Mustad sponsored this event.

Dr Simon Curtis at TFP

TFP hosted Dr Simon Curtis on Friday who spent a full day with us, and other local farriers talking about not only talking about his new book The Hoof The Horse but many other subjects.

This included how to eradicate club feet, hoof cracks and lesions, methods of hoof repair and attaching shoes with acrylics.

Simon has many years of farriery experience and was awarded his doctorate in 2017.

The event ending with Simon signing his new book for farriers who purchased a copy while he was here. His new book is available to buy from our shop The Hoof The Horse by Simon Curtis

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Dallmer Day 11/05/16

Andras (Left) and Charlotte (Center) from Dallmer came over from Germany to teach a select group of local farriers about all of the Dallmer products.

First was talking about foal hoof problems and this was followed by hands on experience in the afternoon using the full range Dallmer products and applying them to the hoof.

Avanti Back in Germany 30/04/16

Both Mark Spriggs and David Nicholls were back out in Germany this weekend just 7 weeks after our first Avanti trip.

We saw a few of the same faces as last time but many new farriers were interested about the Avanti Steel PLR Horseshoe.

Mr Nicholls gave a lecture about how and why the Avanti Horseshoe came about followed by a demonstration by Mr Spriggs with some hands on experience by those attending.