EVA Leather Shoe/ Clog

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The Equicast EVA Leather Shoe/ Clog were designed so the horse can easily adjust both the hoof and ground surface at the same time. This allows the simple concept of angle modification which has proved a major benefit to using the leather rim pad attached to the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) base as it has special qualities that allow this to happen.

This helps to alleviate the leverage forces, reducing pain, promoting comfort and also shock absorption, allowing the horse time to recover in comfort. Which makes the Leather EVA shoe perfect for treatment of chronic, mild and acute cases of Laminitis.

They are fitted using the Equicast hoof casting tape to make a secure attachment to the foot. TFP / EDSS Impression material can also be added under the shoe as sole/frog support where required to improve frog pressure, circulation or stability depending on the horse’s needs.

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