Dallmer Clogs

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Dallmer Clogs provide you with virtually unlimited opportunities. Many a problem hoof would be a thing of the past at tournaments and on long-distance rides if only a Dallmer Clog were on hand whenever a metal shoe was thrown. With an additional sole inlay against snowballing, you can rely on the shoe‘s versatility even in winter. The prerequisite for Clogs is a normal foot axis (toe wall angle of 48°-52° on front hooves, 55°-59° on rear hooves).

We get the Dallmer Clogs bought over from Germany where Dallmer is based so delivery is around 1-2 weeks.

Size = Front/Hind
1 = 100mm – 109mm/ n/a
2 = 110mm – 124mm/ 100mm – 109mm
3 = 125mm – 134mm/ 110mm – 120mm
4 = 135mm – 145mm/ 121mm – 130mm

The Dallmer Clog is a plastic hoof shoe with straps, heel support and a bar for screwing the branches of the clog in place across heel. In order to ensure a snug fit, the edge of the hoof, especially in the toe region, must be well rounded off.

Open the strap on the hoof shoe, and push it over the hoof until the toe fits snugly in the tip of the shoe. Adjust The length of the straps so that the padded heel support wraps around the bulbs of the heel in the centre. Lift the heel support, insert the wire loops and then fasten the buckles.

If the edge of the shoe rubs against the coronary border, the wall of the shoe will have to be trimmed. The fit of the heel support can be influenced by pulling the straps through the loops at the side of the shoe.

After a few minutes, when the horse has taken a few steps, check that the clog fits properly. If the heel support has slipped down, it has to be lifted and retightened.

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Front or Hind

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