Farrier Jack Spriggs uses an innovative approach to a recent case.

Jack Spriggs one of the members of The Farriery Practice shares his experience of a recent case that he has managed.


 I was called to treat a cob with chronic white line disease after laminitis. 

 I resected any remaining infected/necrotic horn then dried the area with a cook’s blowtorch and wire brushed. 

 The Initial rebuild was completed using acrylic glue to bring the hoof wall level to the sole. The second part of the rebuild was acrylic glue mixed with chopped rubber. This lowers the density of the glue slightly and allows me to protect the sole and increase hoof wall height 

 Casting tape and acrylic glue was then used in combination to help thicken the hoof wall in preparation for a shoe to be fitted. I paired away the bottom of the casting tape to allow the frog to function normally and also to follow the natural curvature of the sole. 

 An Avanti shoe was used to help aid break over and reduce leverage forces acting on the hoof wall. 

 6 weeks later was followed up with a normal shoeing. The casting tape had really bonded well with hoof wall and the sole gluing with rubber chop has done its job and thickened the sole. I trimmed the foot as normal and shod again with an Avanti. 


Thank you Jack for sharing these pictures with us.


Avanti Leverage Reduction